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Our family has been present in the Roman Catering industry since 1920, opening over 60 places in Rome including "Il Ceppo" in Piazza Hungary, "La Scala" in Viale Parioli, "il Cenacolo", "Cesarina" in Via Piemonte, "La Sora Lucia" in the Trevi Fountain, "Le Maschere" in via del Boschetto, the same "La Maremma" in Via Alessandria in 1970 and many more ...

How "La Maremma Pizza and Sfizi" was born
In the early 90s the Roman catering market was, albeit competitive, very monotonous and basically divided into three types: classic restaurants, trattorias and pizzerias.
The time had therefore come to create a valid alternative to traditional catering that was no longer able to respond efficiently to the increasingly diverse and growing needs of the market. So in 1993, after careful market studies, it was decided to focus on and specialize in the Pizzeria and Tuscan cuisine, proposing them in a new version.
In June 1994 the restaurant La Maremma was completely redesigned and renovated, the new concept of "La Maremma Pizza & Sfizi" was born and its captivating brand with the Mucchina and the checkered tablecloth.
On 13th October 1994 "La Maremma" in via Alessandria was completely redesigned and reorganized according to the new concept. Although at the time the place was located in a secondary street and the competition was high, the success was immediate, to the point that even today it is not only a destination for pizza connoisseurs and gourmets, but also a meeting place for lovers of all age. "La Maremma Pizza & Sfizi" was immediately able to differentiate itself from other Restaurants and Pizzerias through a certain number of characterizing elements, such as: strongly identified environment, excellent quality food, high quality-price ratio, particular attention to service and efficient organization management.
These elements together with the double possibility of choosing between the Neapolitan Pizza (High and Soft) and the Roman (Low and Crunchy) have made "La Maremma" a Pizzeria still unmatched by the competition.

How it developed
On 17th October 1995 the second restaurant "La Maremma Pizza & Sfizi" opens in Rome in viale Parioli, once again the success was immediate. In addition to the exceptional location, in an elite area and in a street of primary importance, the Maremma formula immediately obtained not only the approval of the demanding and precious Parioli public, but also the sympathy of numerous celebrities and politicians who to this day they crowd the place to taste the famous "Social Pizza" and the appetizing "Sfizi Maremma". On January 21, 1997, the franchising agreement was signed between Trattoria Alessandria Srl, owner of the "La Maremma Pizza & Sfizi" brand and M's Corporation Co. Ltd. (100% owned by Maruha Restaurant System Co. Ltd.), a company controlled by Japanese colossus Maruha.
On February 24th, 1997 the first "La Maremma Pizza & Sfizi" opens in Tokyo Thanks to the first-rate location (it is in fact the Ginza district, the heart of Tokyo's worldliness) and thanks to the particular care in staff training and faithful reproduction of the Maremma formula, success was instantaneous. Since the Ginza area is the oldest and largest area of ​​the city used for shopping and night entertainment, the place is always crowded with customers who enjoy the
"house specialty" Maremma.
On 10th April 1997 the second "La Maremma Pizza & Sfizi" opens in Tokyo and precisely on the island of Odaiba. This time the location is nothing short of exceptional, it is in fact the FUJY TV Building, the latest work by architect Kenzo Tange, home of FUJY TV (the most important Japanese television) and no less famous building for the incomparable view from it. you can enjoy the Rainbow Bridge and the city of Tokyo.
To meet the extremely futuristic architecture of the FUJY Building, the interior furnishings were designed by an internationally renowned architect: Sir Richard Rogers. In addition to the two famous architects, the inauguration was attended by celebrities of international fame, as well as prominent figures of the Japanese ruling class. The restaurant immediately distinguished itself not only for its architecture but also and above all for the high quality of the food and service. The numerous TV stars who frequent the venue and the numerous tourists who attack the Fuji Building to admire the exceptional view that it can enjoy, make
of this "Maremma" a coveted destination to refresh oneself.
On 3rd November 1997, "La Maremma" opens the third place "La Maremma Pizza & Sfizi" in Tokyo. This time we wanted to place "La Maremma" in the Otemachi area, the pulsating "city" of Tokyo. Between skyscrapers, banks, insurance companies and offices of the most important Japanese companies, in a separate building (in the Twin Tower Network complex of NTT, a leading Japanese telephone company) stands "La Maremma Pizza e Sfizi", which is frequented mainly by employees and executives. in need of quick and reduced meals, "Maremma" offers quick snacks and take away meals. Of course, those who have the opportunity to stay a little longer can enjoy a complete "Maremma" meal.
On 20th October 1999, the fourth place "La Maremma Pizza e Sfizi" opens in Tokyo. This last Maremma, as well as that of Fuji, is located on the island of Daiba.
This very modern and fascinating island, artificially built just 50 years ago and connected to the mainland by the futuristic Rainbow Bridge, is not only the destination of millions of tourists who stay there throughout the year to take advantage of its beautiful beaches, its extra-luxury hotels. and its numerous places of interest, but it is also the destination of the over 30 million citizens of Tokyo who daily visit the island for its mammoth and well-equipped shopping centers full of trendy shops and restaurants.
The opening night of the new "La Maremma Pizza & Sfizi" recently took place in one of these futuristic shopping centers and precisely in the Tokyo Beach Desk.
On 27th  October 2000 the third place "La Maremma Pizza & Sfizi" was born in Rome and precisely in via Bergamo, the location is excellent, the place is in fact a stone's throw from Piazza Fiume and in front of the Savoi multiplex cinema. The area is full of prestigious homes, shops, offices, and the headquarters of major companies. Thanks to the type of area this Maremma is also open for lunch where, in addition to the Maremma Menu, there are also
Quick snacks Maremma for those with limited minutes. The particular design of this place was dictated by the historic building that houses it and it is for this reason that we wanted to restore the walls and the load-bearing structures to their original state. Arches, vaults and walls made of stone and tuff, rind, Roman and archaeological bricks, all evidence of past interventions, have thus returned to shine. 

For the furniture, materials and styles from the early twentieth century were used: toné chairs and tables in dark walnut, gray marble and stylish furnishing accessories. The wood oven was made of zest. To underline the electrical and ventilation systems which were all made with exposed pipes of precious materials such as copper and burnished brass; particular the bathrooms that recall the old wash houses. The winning Maremma formula combined with refined design has
immediately received public approval.
On 5th October 2006 another "La Maremma Pizza & Sfizi" was born in Tokyo and precisely inside the Urban Dock LaLaport Toyosu, the largest and most modern shopping center built in the center of Tokyo directly on the sea and the only one with the access both by land and by sea as it has a private port available to customers who want to travel by public or private boats. The LaLaport Toyosu center hosts the most important international chain stores as well as Kidzania Tokyo, the first theme park in the world dedicated exclusively to children and which allows them to experiment by simulating different jobs.
The restaurant "La Maremma Pizza & Sfizi" is located inside the "Food Circus", the most suggestive and particular of the restaurants of the LaLaport Toyosu Center. Food Circus customers using the kiosks set up can in fact experience different international cuisines: Thai "Coca Restaurant", Chinese "Imperial Treasure", American "The Oregon Bar & Grill", Singapore & Indiana "Kriston", Japanese "Yoshimaru Ramen" and finally the Italian "La Maremma Pizza & Sfizi" awaits them for a culinary journey through the goodness of the Belpaese.

Several years pass until for family reasons, while the Tokyo premises remain active, it is decided to sell the premises in Rome, leaving only the historic headquarters in via Alessandria active which will then be managed by third parties for over 10 years.

"La Maremma Pizza e Sfizi" Today

On 20th June 2021, the historic headquarters in via Alessandria, after an aesthetic renovation respecting the historicity of the premises and the techniques of machinery and kitchens, reopens to serve excellent food to its customers.
The team formed by the same Neapolitan pizza makers and cooks of the time proposes both the recipes of the time and new dishes strictly of the Italian tradition.
We are waiting for you, to serve you and delight you !!


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